How Can You Sound More Confident Instantly?

There are many things we can do to become more confident, and lots of techniques we can use to sound confident. But there is one simple trick that tends to stand out, let's take a look at it.

All you have to do to sound more confident, is to speak with a ., not with a ,.

Let me type it out to make sure there’s no confusion: Speak with periods, not commas.

In other words, it is often a good idea to slow down when you talk to people.

Many of us tend to talk faster when we’re excited, eager, nervous, or stressed. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being excited and letting people see that you are. But, generally speaking, talking slower will be helpful for many people in many ways.

Calmness makes you sound confident.

Speaking calmly creates the impression that we are confident.

It sounds like we know what we’re talking about. Like we’re comfortable with ourselves. And like we know what we want.

And when we speak in shorter sentences, we tend to speak more calmly. Just consider these last two paragraphs, compared to the next two.

In the previous two paragraphs I used fairly short sentences which means that there are more full stops for you while you read, while in this paragraph I’m typing a very long sentence only separated by commas, which makes it harder – maybe even a little more annoying and stressful - to read.

And it is just as true for the spoken word as it is for the written word that in order to communicate well, be seen as confident, and make it comfortable for others to take in everything we're saying, shorter sentences and more periods are better.

Did you feel the difference in those paragraphs?

Play with this on your own.

You can do it right now. Come up with something to talk about and experiment.

First, try to talk about it fast, with few full stops and lots of commas. Then repeat what you said. But use more periods and speak more calmly.

Can you feel the difference?

Speaking more calmly, with more full stops is considered more confident. More attractive. More authoritative.

It will improve everything from your dating life, to your family life, to your work life.

So if you'd like to project more confidence when you speak, start practicing this know. Don't let it become something that you know in theory but don't actually do.

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