are just some of the adjectives audience members and course participants from all over the globe have used to describe TJ Guttormsen’s teaching style.

“Hi there!

I’m honored that you are considering me to speak at your event.

Since 2009 I’ve had the privilege of speaking to audiences from all around the world, and the joy it gives me is simply one of the greatest of my life.

My goal is always to serve the audience as best I can, and to make the organizer’s job as enjoyable as possible.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all.” -TJ

Companies TJ has worked with

With almost two decades of experience as a public speaker and educator, TJ Guttormsen has captivated and left lasting impacts on audiences of all kinds.

TJ practices what he preaches and uses his expertise in communication to truly connect with his audience, so that he can lead by example and show them the real-world application of what he teaches. His friendly, captivating, and pragmatic style of teaching helps his audience reach their communication and confidence goals fast and efficiently.

6 things that make TJ a unique keynote speaker.


He adapts to your situation.

TJ spends a significant amount of time learning about his clients’ specific industries, circumstances, and goals. This helps him “speak your language” and customize his seminars to fit your needs better than most one-size-fits-all speakers ever could.


He doesn’t just speak, he connects.

An engaging speaker needs to (you guessed it) engage. TJ’s many years of experience makes him highly adaptable, and there’s nothing he loves more than an audience that is not just entertained and educated – but active participants in the process.


He makes it about you.

TJ’s seminars aren’t about him, his products, or his services. There are no up-sells or add-ons. His only priority is to meet your goals for having him there.


He sticks around.

TJ loves being around the people he works with, and regularly makes himself available for Q&A’s, mingling, and social gatherings during and after the events he speaks at for no extra cost.


He teaches how – not just what.

TJ makes a point out of not just teaching the what and why, but also how. He makes sure to include actionable techniques and strategies that the audience can start using immediately after his talk.


He needs you to succeed.

TJ is slightly obsessed with making sure people get as much value from his work as possible. So much so that he dedicates a full workday a week to answering questions from previous seminar or course participants for free!

As a confidence and communication expert, TJ Guttormsen has a unique ability to teach effective communication skills.

These skills allow individuals and teams to connect more deeply, build trust, and collaborate more effectively and confidently with both each other and the people they serve.

Whether you need a speaker for a public or corporate event, conference or convention, or simply want to improve communication within a small team or business, TJ is a great choice.

TJ Guttormsen is a local keynote speaker in Las Vegas, but he is also happy to travel anywhere in the world to deliver in-person talks and workshops.

TJ will work directly with you to make sure his talk delivers the tools necessary to reach your goals.

Some of the most common goals his corporate clients have include:
Increasing employees’ confidence.
Developing better customer relationships.
Developing leadership communication skills.
Motivating and inspiring employees.
Improving communication skills.
Reducing internal conflict.
Increasing sales
Increasing influence
and persuasion.
Building better and more collaborative teams.

Create a unique seminar from scratch or choose from his most popular seminar topics

Whether you want to work with TJ to create a completely customized seminar, or have him adapt one of his most popular seminars to your needs, the price remains the same.

Confidence — How to overcome self-doubt, insecurity, and fears.
Authentic Assertiveness — Taking charge without making enemies.
Persuasive Communication — Increase your influence in a few simple steps.
Conflict Management — Preventing and solving conflicts in any setting.
Leadership Communication — How to connect as a leader, regardless of your title.
Connecting Fast — How to quickly and authentically connect with (almost) anyone.

Speaking formats.

In-person seminar or keynote address.

This option is available worldwide to all kinds and sizes of audiences, for events, conferences, meetings, and get-togethers.

Seminars usually last an hour, but TJ can extend his talk up to 90 minutes. For more extensive training, check the next option.

Training for businesses and teams.

This option is perfect for small businesses or teams seeking in-depth training sessions lasting from 2 hours to a full workday.

It includes teaching techniques and strategies, practical exercises and drills, and the possibility of repeated training sessions, even virtually for groups outside Las Vegas.

In-person 2–3 full day workshops.

This option includes 2-3 full day in-person workshops led by TJ to develop skills in team communication, conflict resolution, and customer relations.

The workshops are limited to groups of 10 people or less for personalized attention. Attendees also receive individual support and follow-ups via email.

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Examples of previous seminars.

Networking and relation building.

TJ was hired as the keynote speaker by the START organization within the Norwegian University of Science and Technology for their annual conference.

The conference included guests from some of the largest corporations in Norway, as well as academics and entrepreneurs.The goal of TJ’s entertaining seminar was to equip the audience with strategies and techniques that would help them strike up conversations with strangers and add new people to their extended network.

Some of the topics discussed were overcoming hesitation and fear, skipping small-talk, creating meaningful conversations, and how to structure a conversation to maximize the likelihood of getting the desired results.

The feedback received from the organizers after the event included:

“TJ gave a funny and engaging presentation. (…) Feedback after the event has been incredibly positive. Many described TJ Guttormsen as a welcomed surprise and that his seminar was educational and inspiring.”
“We’re very happy with TJ's contribution to ensuring a professional image for our event, and strongly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker!”

Comfort zone and influence.

JCI Evolution and JCI Innovation, two branches of an international organization that aims to provide development opportunities for future leaders, hired TJ to deliver keynote presentations at two of their events.

The goal was to inspire and prepare those with leadership ambitions to confidently pursue their goals and increase their influence.

TJ delivered a light-hearted and entertaining presentation focusing on core concepts relevant to stepping outside the norm in order to achieve extraordinary results.

Some of the feedback received from the audience included:

“He was great at engaging with the audience and showed an interest in what we had to say. (…) He would address people’s input multiple times throughout the seminar to create examples relevant to us.”
“I thought it was a great course. He gave a lot of himself.”

And the organizer Elisabeth Diana Åshagen, President of JCI Evolution said:

“TJ Guttormsen is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Everyone at our conference had a positive experience of the weekend. They felt that the tools they learned from this course would make it easier to master several challenges in their every-day life. We warmly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker.”

Conflict mediation and management and inter-personal communication.

SiT, a student housing organization that provides housing and other services to over 7000 students, used TJ as their communication and conflict management expert for several years.

TJ provided them with multiple seminars and workshops, training both their student RA’s and full-time employees. TJ gave team training sessions and keynote addresses at events ranging from department meetings to corporate conferences.

The organization’s goals were for their employees to be proficient in managing and mediating conflicts, as well as improving their communication both within the organization and outward toward their customers.

These trainings included teaching, personal coaching, practical exercises, roleplays, and real-life conflict mediation.

TJ became a trusted partner for the organization until he relocated to another continent, and travel time made it difficult to be available for the organization on a consistent basis.

Creating connections and growing your network.

This European mental wellness organization wanted a professional speaker to deliver a seminar about networking and communication to help their members improve their ability to build their desired networks.

TJ’s seminar focused on topics such as creating opportunities to interact with the right people, overcoming impostor syndrome, the required skills to initiate and maintain conversations, and how to extend the relationship past the first conversation.

The audience mostly consisted of PHD students and other postgrads, and the audience was so engaged that TJ extended his planned 30 minutes of Q&A to nearly 90 minutes (for no extra charge, of course

How to be confidently persuasive.

TJ was approached to deliver corporate training to one of the largest chemical producers in the world, who has a mission to reduce plastic waste.

The company wanted to improve their team members’ ability to be persuasive when pitching projects to customers, and when convincing market leaders to try new solutions.

To help them achieve this, TJ delivered two virtual seminars for the company’s employees around the world, adapting his content to fit the relevant cultural contexts and maximize the value he delivered.

Some of the topics TJ covered were assertiveness, influence and persuasion techniques, how to deal with difficult people, and boundary setting.

After the seminars, several attendees provided their employer with positive feedback about the sessions, among other things saying:

“Clear and structured session / TJ is a very good trainer / His advice can be used in our everyday life at work and in private / Paid much attention to answering all questions.”
“Good tips and enjoyable speaker, and very relevant to our situation since we were addressing direct questions about ongoing situations.”

Confidence, stress reduction, and improved performance.

This union for tech workers hired TJ to deliver multiple keynotes over the course of several years at their conventions and events.

Their goal each time was to improve their members’ ability improve their confidence and perform at a higher level. These skills had to translate to a multitude of situations, such as networking, giving presentations, negotiating salaries, going to job interviews, and more.

Although the over-all content was different for each of the talks he delivered, topics related to how to build and leverage confidence in order to reduce stress and perform better was the core of all of them.

The feedback after each seminar was overwhelmingly positive (and the reason TJ kept getting hired again and again), and included things like:

“I still get nervous before speaking in front of a crowd, but it no longer affects my performance. As soon as I start speaking, the nervousness disappears, and I can perform at the high level that I want to. Since I spend less time worrying and feeling stressed, this is affecting both my work and personal life in amazing ways!”

Conquering your comfort zone and maximizing your results.

This multi-national information technology company, with over 10 000 employees in 16 countries, hired TJ to deliver the keynote presentation at one of their corporate events.

Their goal was to help their employees improve their confidence in order to perform and collaborate more efficiently.

TJ’s captivating talk focused on topics such as stress reduction, asking the right questions at the right time, building confidence habits to maximize one’s potential, and more.

Feedback after the seminar included things such as:

“I would’ve never believed that something so simple would make such a solid difference in my life. (…) I hardly experience stress anymore, and I have more time for myself and my loved ones.”