Communication coach and public speaker

Since 2009 I've helped over 12 000 people from across the world improve their communication, build their confidence, and create amazing relationships of all kinds.

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See what some of my 12,000+ previous students have said about me and my work.

I have developed higher self-esteem, better social skills, more confidence, and more drive.

Espen J.

A life I’ve never even dared to dream about before is suddenly a reality.

Tord P.

I have had tremendous changes in my life after I started working with TJ.

Øyvind Dragsten

TJ genuinely wants people to succeed and would definitely recommend him as a coach.

Carson C.

I learned who I am as a person. And my old, negative self-image was erased.

Mikael L.

TJ gets right to the source of the challenge, rather than focus on superficial techniques. This helps you understand what the right actions are.

Fredrik S.
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Portrait of TJ in a studio on a gray background

Hi there,
let me introduce myself.

I’m TJ Guttormsen, and I love ice cream.
That’s not relevant to my work, of course, but I thought I’d mention it in case you ever want to get me a treat.

What might be relevant, though, are the facts.

Since 2009 I’ve helped over 12 000 people from all over the world improve their lives. I have a bachelor’s in psychology and social science, and a master’s in education. And I should probably also mention something about publishing books, my newspaper columns and radio segments, the success of my online courses, and other braggy stuff like that too.
But what you really want to know, is what I can do for you?
And that’s simple enough:
I can help you communicate better and more confidently than ever before.

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Personal Coaching

Since 2009 my personal communication coaching has helped countless people around the world create the professional, social, and even romantic lives they’ve always dreamed of.
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With a decade and a half of experience as a public speaker, combined with my three university degrees and a solid dose of humor, I design custom-built seminars that always get great reviews.

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