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Some of my former clients:

We’ve received a ton of great feedback and are looking forward to partnering with TJ again in the future!

Will Mahon
Senior Training Manager, Index Exchange

We are very happy with TJ's contribution to ensuring a professional image for our event, and strongly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker!

Linn Emilie Schäffer
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Project Manager

TJ Guttormsen is a knowledgable and engaging speaker. Everyone at our conference had a positive experience of the weekend.

Elisabeth Diana Åshagen
President of JCI Evolution

Let's be honest about seminars.

While their focus should be to educate and improve the organization - many of the attendees are just hoping it won't be too boring.

That's why I've spent the last decade of my career working to make sure that my seminars are not just educational, but also fun and exciting.

My goal is not just to help your organization or event improve. I also want to ensure that my seminar is a positive and entertaining experience for everyone there.

I do this by focusing on humor and audience engagement. Which also happens to be two of the most effective techniques for long-term learning.

My seminars will stand out from what you're used to. And more importantly, the results will be significant and long-lasting.

How can I be so confident about this?

It's simple. More than anything I listen to what my audience thinks.

In fact, over the years I've done surveys with thousands of people across the world who have participated in my courses, and the lowest average score I've ever received to date is 4.6 out of 5!

I'd say that earns me the right to feel confident about my work, wouldn't you?

My seminars are readily available even on short notice in Las Vegas and surrounding cities, but with enough notice I’m also able to travel.

In fact, I’ve traveled 5000 miles or more to teach at conferences more than once before, and I love it!

My most popular seminars.


The art of quick connections

Have you ever met someone who only needed five minutes to make it feel like you’ve known them for years?

In this seminar I break down how that happens, and how anyone can learn how to do it - whether with a client or customer, at networking events, or even just bumping in to an interesting stranger in their personal life.

This seminar is most popular among those whose businesses or job descriptions require them to interact with new people on a regular basis.


Create genuine connections easily

No matter how different we might be on the surface, we all share a certain amount of fundamental human experiences. And these experiences can be used to create lasting, genuine connections with just about anyone.

The genuine connections seminar has helped many organizations and businesses improve their in-house relationships more than any team building exercise ever could.

If you’d like to increase workplace happiness, interpersonal communication, and the overall wellness of your people, this seminar is for you.


Authentic assertiveness

Authentic Assertiveness is the skill of being able to speak our minds, get we want, set boundaries, and more – all in a way that is comfortable and appreciated by everyone involved.

An authentically assertive person will have an advantage in negotiations and sales, as well as in interpersonal relationships, and any interaction where being clear and persuasive is useful.

This seminar is ideal for those who could benefit from having more clear and influential communication in their business or activities.


Networking without the boring small-talk

Imagine if the time we spent on small talk with potential clients, customers, collaborators, or employers could be spent on actually building a beneficial relationship instead.

In this seminar I’ll share techniques used by some of the world’s most influential networkers, which will help you create a unique experience of connection with basically anyone you meet.

This seminar is often preferred by those whose job or business relies on the networks they build – and those who attend a lot of conferences and other professional mingling events.


Conflict prevention and resolution

Any relationship, whether it's personal or professional, will experience conflict at one point or another. The only question is if it turns into a healthy conflict that we can grow from, or an unhealthy one that creates lasting damage.

After 5 years as a conflict mediator, followed by my 11+ years as a communication coach, I've spent more time helping people resolve conflicts than most. And in this seminar I share the full step-by-step method to reduce and resolve conflicts.

This seminar is especially useful for those who operate in high stress and high pressure environments, or who have frequent conflicts in their job or personal life.

Reach out to check my availability.

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I've been making a joke about the workshop since I attended, accusingly saying, "I went there to become a new man, instead I just became better me than ever before."
– Ragnar Johnsen