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Summer 2023

The Confidence & Communication Workshop for men

A 6-day workshop in the heart of Las Vegas

Would you like to...

Get better at creating interesting conversations?

Feel comfortable and confident in any social setting?

Feel good about yourself, regardless of what’s going on in your life?

If so, the Centered Confidence and Communication workshop
in Las Vegas was designed for you!

About the host.

Portrait of TJ

Since TJ Guttormsen started his career in 2009, thousands of people have signed up for his workshops, seminars, and coaching.

And that’s not even counting the more than 200 000 people from all around the world who have watched his online courses!

The difference between those courses and this workshop, though, is about the same as the difference between watching a documentary about airplanes and getting your pilot’s license.

Portrait of Ragnar

"I've been making a joke about the workshop since I attended, accusingly saying, "I went there to become a new man, instead I just became better me than ever before."

That might be what has surprised me the most; how great one can actually feel about oneself, as long as your have the right mindset and take the right actions."

-Ragnar J.

This workshop includes a lot of knowledge, all designed to help you reach 3 goals:

Kitchen overlooking the livingroom

Learn practical techniques and strategies to master both your personal and professional communication.

Build genuine, lasting social confidence – and learn how to project it in any social situation.

Create healthy self-esteem and value yourself as the person you are - no matter your circumstances.

Dates & accommodation.

Living room with the pool table.

Summer 2023.

The workshop will take place in a large house in Las Vegas - complete with a pool table, pool, and hot tub -where all the attendees will have their own private bedroom.

The house will provide an opportunity to live and study with your fellow attendees while also giving you all the privacy you need.

The house is conveniently located near the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas, making it easy to access any attractions outside of the workshop.


Primary topics.

The following is a list of only the primary topics this workshop will cover. With an active run-time upwards of 50 hours, it would simply be impossible to list everything.

After you sign up, you will also do a private call with TJ Guttormsen to discuss your personal needs and goals, so that he can ensure that all topics relevant to you are included as well.


  • Networking/mingling/social circle building.
  • Creating genuinely interesting conversations.
  • Goal & result-oriented conversations.
  • Influence & persuasion.
  • Conflict management.
  • And so on…

Social Confidence.

  • Eliminating self-doubt and self-sabotage.
  • Becoming more comfortable with friends, strangers, groups, and authorities.
  • Having faith in your own social skills.
  • Trusting your ability to quickly adapt to new situations.
  • Etc…


  • Feeling good about who you are as a person.
  • Knowing your personal worth and how to tap into it.
  • Overcoming external factors that might hold you back.
  • Letting go of past stories that are still affecting your self-esteem today.
  • +++


  • How to converse with yourself to overcome challenges, find answers, etc.
  • Self-coaching questions and how to create the right ones for yourself.
  • Problem-solving & creative thinking.
  • And more…
Waitlist sign-up

What to expect.

Generally speaking, the workshop will run from 10 am to 6 pm, Monday through Saturday.

The workshop itself will be a mix of lectures, discussions, practical exercises, and personal coaching.

Since only a handful of attendees will be accepted onto this program, both you and the other attendees will get plenty of personal attention whenever you want it.

Outside of the workshop hours, your time is for you to use as you best see fit.

Whether you prefer to relax and recharge your batteries at the house - on your own or together with the other attendees - or go out and explore what Las Vegas has to offer, your options are almost endless.

The activities available in Vegas range from quiet, re-energizing spas, museums, and exhibitions, to gambling, race car driving, helicopter tours, nightclubs, concerts, world-class Las Vegas shows, and much, much more.

Portrait of Navid

"After learning from TJ it wasn't just my relationships that changed dramatically. But I now have the confidence to follow my passions. And it's been the most amazing adventure ever since.

I couldn't have done that without the confidence I got from his workshop."

- Navid Siamaki.

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There are currently only 4 spots left, and they are sold on a first-come first-serve basis. So if you're interested, sign up below now.

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What’s included:

Around 50(!) hours of teaching, exercises, and coaching.

Your own private room at the workshop house.

Access to a full kitchen, living room, and backyard with a pool and hot tub.

1 pre-workshop call with TJ to explore your needs and wants.

2 post-workshop personal coaching sessions with TJ, designed to help you implement what you learned at the workshop into your everyday life.

Access to a private Facebook group only for Centeredness workshop attendees.

What’s not included:

Your travel to and from Las Vegas.

Transport around Las Vegas on your personal time.

Your food and drinks.

Any shows, events, or activities you might want to do.

Any other personal expenses you might have.