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TJ Guttormsen

TJ discovered his passion for teaching when he was only 16 years old and became a judo coach.

Within three years he had produced three Norwegian cup champions, and his passion turned into an obsession that would shape the rest of his life.

After his interests expanded into psychology and communication, TJ accumulated three university degrees: a double-major bachelor’s in social sciences, a teaching degree, and a master’s in education.

And in 2009, after traveling the globe to learn from some of the world’s best coaches, speakers, and experts, TJ finally launched his own career as a keynote speaker and coach, specializing in confidence and communication. 

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have taken his courses, attended his talks, or signed up for his coaching - and seen incredible improvements in their ability to influence and impact the world around them.

His previous clients have ranged from regular mom-and-pop businesses and everyday people, to billionaire CEO’s, multinational corporations, multiple award-winning entertainers, an Olympic gold medalist, and more.

“It doesn’t make much difference to me where my clients are today. What excites me the most, is the privilege of getting to help people and organizations achieve their goals for the future.”
“I believe the best way for me to have a positive impact on the world is to serve the people and organizations that are ready to take the next steps toward extraordinary results. That’s where my true passion lies.”
 – TJ Guttormsen

TJ’s personal history.

TJ was born and raised in small town in northern Norway.

He describes his young self as a shy and timid guy who struggled with social confidence and often felt out of place.

But TJ was curious about the world and the people in it, and in his 20s - tired of living within the constraints of his own insecurities - he dedicated himself to two things: personal growth and traveling.

Since then, TJ has visited 40+ countries around the world to learn from a diverse group of people and cultures.

His adventures have included doing volunteer work in Afghanistan, getting lost in the jungles of southeast Asia (twice), being shot at in South-America (don’t tell his mom!), and countless more.

Eventually, the combination of his love for exploration and his growing career led TJ to Las Vegas, where he met and eventually married his wife Nia, who he now shares a home and three cats with.

When he’s not teaching, you’ll often find TJ traveling, hiking, or expanding his knowledge of or skills with his many interests.

Today, his practice thrives.

Since TJ started his career in 2009 he's appeared as a public speaker on three continents and worked intimately with individuals, organizations, and corporations from all over the world.

While living and working in Norway, TJ became a twice published author and made more appearances in national media than he could keep track of.

This, combined with his high number of referrals from happy clients, helped TJ become a sought-after coach and keynote speaker in his home country.

In 2017, after moving to the US to marry his wife, TJ transitioned into teaching and sharing his content in English - a choice that elevated his career even further.

Since then, TJ's talks, courses, and content have been hosted by multiple universities and international corporations, he's become a highly popular instructor for prestigious educational organizations such as LinkedIn Learning, and his audience includes people from over 170 countries.

“It's truly humbling to reflect on the number of people who have invested their time and resources to learn what I teach. And this honor is an incredible motivator to do my best work - every time - to ensure that their investment is well worth it."

Life isn’t fair, so I became obsessed with communication.

I’d love to say that it is your general skills, qualities, or personality that will make-or-break your personal success.
But we all know that’s not completely true.
While those are all important - without knowing how to effectively communicate with the world around you, you’ll be left in the dust by those who do.
And that was my experience of life up until 2006.
That's when I decided it was time to make a change..

I did well in school. I was a nice guy, and the people I did have in my life usually had nothing but good things to say about me.

And yet I kept seeing people who did a worse job than me get the promotions I wanted. 

I saw people who treated others poorly but still had more friends than I ever had.

And let’s not even get started on all the guys I saw in relationship after relationship even though they never treated their partners well.

What did they have that I didn’t?

The answer, it turned out, was above average communication skills.


So I set out to master communication.

The summer of 2006 I finally took charge of my own life.

I started studying social dynamics, communication, and psychology both at my university, and in practically every moment of free time I had.

And with the help of my new knowledge, a coach, and lots of sweat and tears - my life started to change.

Within months, both my social and romantic life had made huge changes for the better. 

Within a year I got the promotion I wanted.

And a couple of amazing years after that I had a whole new life and career laid out for me.

All of this took dedication, motivation, and effort. But through the power of coaching and practice, I steadily built a better life for myself - and a better me.

Because perhaps most importantly - I started feeling different too.

I didn’t just feel like I knew what to say and do, I also felt socially confident in a way I never had before.

Then I was asked to start coaching.

Eventually I had so many people asking me to help them make the changes I had made, that I decided I would do it full time.

At this point I already had a teacher’s degree in psychology, and I was working on my masters in pedagogy (the science of learning). And to supplement this formal education, I started studying coaching.

I traveled around Europe and North America to learn from the best coaches I could find. And it paid off.

By the summer of 2009 I had the beginnings of my own thriving coaching practice. 

That summer I got my own weekly column in a national newspaper. And I was doing a daily segment on national radio about communication and relationships.

Since then I’ve published several books, and been featured over 100 times in the national media of my home country of Norway. Where, even now after I've emigrated to Las Vegas, I continue to be the go-to coach for many journalists.

I’ve also created a series of online courses - all of which have held the title of “highest rated” among the Udemy platform’s 150 000 courses.

I’ve had the honor of working with people ranging from billionaire CEO’s, to award winning artists, to Olympic athletes, and to the "average Joe".

As well as corporate clients ranging from international conglomerates to local mom-and-pop businesses. 

I’ve done more personal coaching than I can count, and I’ve spoken on stages in front of audiences ranging from a handful to many hundreds in several different countries.

But my favorite type of work is personal coaching with people like myself. 

People who simply want to get more out of life. Who want to improve their communication skills so they can start building the professional, social, or romantic lives they want.

I think they’re my favorite clients simply because I know them. I am them. 

Not only do I know the feeling of wanting more, I’ve also walked the path that they’re about to walk. 

And there’s nothing more rewarding to me than when someone let's me walk beside them on their journey – even if just for a little while.

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