Testimonials from Coaching, Workshops, and Seminars

On this page you'll find a small selection of testimonials from TJ's coaching clients, as well as workshop attendees and event organizers.

A selection of testimonials from seminar organizers:

Eivind Krystad

Senior Cloud Developer

I've booked Torkel Guttormsen several times as a speaker at our seminars. The turn-out has been great, and the audience's expectations have been high. These expectations have certainly been met!

At his seminars the audience engages with him when he asks for their participations. And he has the ability to teach very useful mindsets and methods that can be used in both private and professional context.

Alexander Haneng

Director of Innovation - NHO Service

Torkel delivered a funny and thought provoking seminar for our DigitalBar event, entitled "The strange digital communication of tomorrow".

The feedback from our attendees was great, and we highly recommend him as a speaker.

Linn Emilie Schäffer

Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Project Manager

TJ presented his topic in a fun and engaging way. Our audience identified with many of his scenarios, and the end result was an easy-going and nice experience.

The feedback we've received from our attendees after the seminar have been incredibly positive. Many stated that TJ Guttormsen was a positive surprise at our event, and that the seminar was educational and inspiring.

We are very happy with TJ's contribution to ensuring a professional image for our event, and strongly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker!

Will Mahon

Senior Training Manager, Index Exchange

I am thrilled that TJ was able to join Index Exchange for a fireside chat based on his LinkedIn Learning course Becoming Assertive and Advocating for your Interests.

TJ did an excellent job of engaging a multicultural audience and making them feel comfortable to engage in conversation about a topic that many feel uneasy with. We’ve received a ton of great feedback and are looking forward to partnering with TJ again in the future!

Elisabeth Diana Åshagen

President of JCI Evolution

TJ Guttormsen is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker. Everyone at our conference had a positive experience of the weekend.

They felt that the tools they learned from this course would make it easier to master several challenges in their every-day life.

We warmly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker.

Lillian Rydning

Clinical Psychologist and Author

TJ Guttormsen is an authority in his field. He is very knowledgable and bases his teachings on documented and effective strategies, which sets him apart from most coaches out there.

And he has a unique ability to teach in an engaging way.

Andreas Ursin Hellebust

JCI International

We hired TJ for our conference in Junior Chamber International in Trondheim.

He’s a very motivating speaker, and makes sure all his theories are tried in practice. We got to try some new, as well as refresh some old tools for getting our career goals on the right path. Involving and inspiring. I highly recommend TJ as a speaker and coach, and wish him good luck in the future.

Ankush Jain

Transformative Coach, Business Mentor, Author & Speaker

TJ is a great coach, speaker and trainer.

I have known him for many years and always seen him as someone who walks his walks and has a tremendous impact on his clients. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to hire him for his services.

Heine Kolltveit

Life coach

As I started out as a public speaking life coach TJ helped me out with setting it up and even did the first seminar with me.

He knows a ton of stuff on how to be your best self and got both the personal and the coaching experience to back it up. And he knows how to transfer that to seminar participants or coaching clients.

A selection of testimonials from seminar attendees:

Jonas P.

Project Manager

I learned things on this workshop that I didn't even know I needed to learn. And the fact that it was a small and intimate workshop also helped make it easy to ask questions.

TJ is an fantastically good teacher, and you can feel how much he cares about you learning what he's teaching. I definitely feel like I've gotten better at communicating from this workshop, and I now also know what I want to get good at (something I didn't really know before attending).

I definitely recommend his workshops.

Yann Com-Nougue

Lead Software Engineer

TJ is a captivating speaker that connects on a personal level with his audience. I attended many of his workshops and seminars and was always impressed by his calm presence, and the clarity with which he communicated his message.

As a team lead in a fast paced, high-tech company, I more than once modeled some of TJ's teaching and communication style in meetings or when giving small group coaching. Very pleased with the results.

Navid Siamaki

After learning from TJ it wasn't just my relationships that changed dramatically. But I now have the confidence to follow my passions. And it's been the most amazing adventure ever since.

I couldn't have done that without the confidence I got from his workshop.

Nadeem L.

The workshop and the reading material TJ provided both there and via email has helped me a lot both privately and professionally. And it has revealed a lot of things that were holding me back from socializing well, and meeting new people. And I am now married, with a son!

The genious thing about TJ's work is that you learn how to be good from the inside and out. Furthermore, it gives me a wonderful feeling every time I see the people around me happy.

I could've written a dissertation about this. But I'll finish here for now. Thank you for all the help, TJ, I will keep watching what you do.

Ragnar J.

I've been making a joke about the workshop since I attended, accusingly saying, "I went there to become a new man, instead I just became better me than ever before."

That might be what has surprised me the most; how great one can actually feel about oneself, as long as your have the right mindset and take the right actions.

A selection of testimonials from coaching clients:

Øyvind Dragsten

Senior software developer

TJ is a great coach and course instructor. And  I have had tremendous changes in my life after I started working with TJ in 2010.

His work has a solid foundation in scientifically proven methods and personal experience. I like this combination, as I come from a scientific background myself.

He knows how to explain complicated things in an easily understandable and entertaining way. And you can always rely on him. He delivers what he promises. I highly recommend TJ as a coach and instructor.

Tord P.

Life, as it is now, seems almost unreal.

A life I’ve never even dared to dream about before is suddenly a reality. For this, a huge thanks go to TJ. Because it’s mostly because of his amazing mindsets and incredible ability to inspire others that have gotten me to where I am today. Genuine connections is a gift that no one should say no to!

Espen J.

I have developed higher self-esteem, better social skills, more confidence, and more drive.

This process isn't as scary as it might seem. And it gives you a sense of accomplishment and the feeling that "I can handle it."

Carson C.

I had a great time being coached by TJ at a recent bootcamp in Amsterdam.

There are two things I’d like to highlight. Firstly that the guy’s very accomplished. The other thing is that the guy’s a great coach. And he’s very enthusiastic, really seems to connect with the students, and is constantly giving solid advice and hints & tips. (...)

Finally, I’d say that TJ genuinely wants people to succeed and would definitely recommend him as a coach.

Mikael L.

The first time I signed up for a workshop with TJ my self-esteem was something completely different than now. Through the workshop, old myths that were holding me back were disproven and I started to learn that my old ideas just weren't true.

Later that fall I signed up for TJ's 4 month coaching program.  While on it I worked on my challenges week by week, all the while guided and supported by TJ.

Through this process, I learned who I am as a person. And my old, negative self-image was erased. I have now created better and more healthy habits for myself, become more empathic, clear on what my boundaries are, and more open and socially successful. Through this process, I also met a wonderful woman who I now live with.

TJ has a lot of knowledge. But even more importantly he was able to guide me in practical situations that were relevant for my life. He listens and pays attention to my goals. And gives me honest feedback along the way. Whenever I've needed anything, he's been easily available to me. He also made sure that he put the responsibility of making the necessary efforts on me. So that I, myself, was the one to create all the progress I've made.

Fredrik Strøm

Sales & Coaching

My experience with TJ as a coach has been nothing but positive.

I've used him on several occasions throughout the years. And to write this testimonial I had to spend a lot of time listing the things I've improved, simply because they have been so many.

I started out planning to sign up for his 4-month program, but when I saw how valuable it was for my own growth I signed up for another 6 months. And I'm currently considering more!

TJ gets right to the source of the challenge, rather than focus on superficial techniques. This helps you understand what the right actions are, whether you're talking about your career, your social life, etc. He helps you create the right mindsets and follows you up with support constantly while at the same time pushing you to be better. In effect it quickly makes you feel invincible!

He genuinely wants you to succeed at getting the results you want while ensuring that you yourself take full responsibility for your efforts.

I know who pretty much every major [communication] coach in Norway is, and I can safely say that TJ is the best one!

Danielle Such


My goal in working with TJ was to build confidence in myself to possess the qualities I knew I needed to run my own business. I am not only wanted to SOUND confident when I communicate, but more importantly, I wanted to FEEL that way.

To say that TJ exceeded my expectations is an understatement. He is incredibly skilled at what he does. His ability to accurately identify the crux of your struggle, teach you about what’s going on, and then formulate an action plan to get past it makes every session invaluable. His depth of knowledge is so profound that many times I had incredible breakthroughs that changed life-long behavior in a single session.

The true testament to TJ‘s work is the difference I feel in myself. I communicate with confidence and ease, and I am no longer insecure about my place in the world. I have integrated so much change in myself that I feel like I am walking through life as a completely new person.

Kjetil B.

My problem used to be a lack of focus and a lot of negative thoughts. But this has been so much easier to deal with when working with someone so positive who helps me see opportunities rather than obstacles. This has helped me a lot. And I have a whole new sense of motivation and focus than I used to.

Tom Paulsen

Solid and to-the-point. This helped me significantly. TJ is a very down-to-earth coach, and it was definitely worth the money.