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Since 2009, TJ Guttormsen has had over 400 000 enrollments from individuals and corporations in his seminars, workshops, and courses about communication and confidence.

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Communicate Confidently.

Since 2009 TJ Guttormsen has had over 250 000 enrollments from individuals and corporations in his seminars, workshops, and courses to improve their communication and build their confidence.

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I've booked TJ Guttormsen several times as a speaker at our seminars. The audience's expectations have been high. These expectations have certainly been met!

Eivind Krystad
Senior Cloud Developer

Torkel delivered a funny and thought provoking seminar. The feedback from our attendees was great, and we highly recommend him as a speaker.

Alexander Haneng
Director of Innovation - NHO Service

We are very happy with TJ's contribution to ensuring a professional image for our event, and strongly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker!

Linn Emilie Schäffer
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Project Manager

We’ve received a ton of great feedback and are looking forward to partnering with TJ again in the future!

Will Mahon
Senior Training Manager, Index Exchange

TJ Guttormsen is a knowledgable and engaging speaker. Everyone at our conference had a positive experience of the weekend.

Elisabeth Diana Åshagen
President of JCI Evolution

TJ Guttormsen is an authority in his field. And he has a unique ability to teach in an engaging way.

Lillian Rydning
Clinical Psychologist and Author

To say that TJ exceeded my expectations is an understatement. His depth of knowledge is so profound that many times I had incredible breakthroughs that changed life-long behavior in a single session.

Danielle Such

TJ is a captivating speaker that connects on a personal level with his audience. I more than once modeled some of TJ's teaching and communication style in meetings or when giving small group coaching.

Yann Com-Nougue
Lead Software Engineer
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Portrait of TJ in a studio on a gray background

Hi there,
let me introduce myself.

I’m TJ Guttormsen, and I love puppies.
That’s not relevant to my work, of course, but since I believe you get what you focus on I just figured I'd mention it.

Now, here are a few more relevant - though maybe slightly less interesting - things about me:

Since 2009 I’ve helped people from all over the world improve their lives.

Formally, I have a teacher's degree, a bachelor’s in psychology and social science, and a master’s in education. I've also published books, had my own newspaper columns and radio segments, created very successful online courses, and a bunch of other braggy stuff.
But what you really want to know, is what I can do for you?
And that’s simple enough: I can help you communicate better and more confidently than ever before.

Click here to learn more about me.


Thanks to a decade and a half of experience as a public speaker, combined with his teacher's degree, two university degrees, and a pinch of two of humor, TJ delivers engaging, educational, and entertaining seminars to a variety of businesses and organizations.

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TJ lecturing in front of a crowd

Online Courses

TJ's online courses have so far had over 400 000 enrollments, with raving reviews and ratings.

His courses cover topics related to communication, confidence, and self-esteem, and is suitable for people from any background and experience.

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