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TJ's coaching can help you improve:

your confidence and self-esteem.
your personal and professional relationships.
your assertiveness, influence, and conflict management skills.
your ability to understand and read people.
And lots more...
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Communication influences almost every aspect of our lives.

It affects our ability to create new or deepen existing connections, be influential and persuasive, share ideas and knowledge, handle disagreements and conflicts, and so much more.

And confident and skillful communication helps us navigate these things much more comfortably.

It enables us to easily do things like speak up in groups or important meetings, have potentially challenging conversations, influence others, create better relationships, and a million other things.

And just like personal training and sales coaching help people boost their fitness or sales results to extraordinary levels – TJ's communication coaching can help you create the social confidence or communication skills that you desire.

The pragmatic coach.

TJ's clients have to be prepared for two things:

  1. To be open and honest about their goals, challenges, beliefs, and experiences.
  2. To do practical exercises on a near daily basis, that are sure to occasionally push them outside of their comfort zone.

TJ isn't the kind of coach that just talks about things, he's a pragmatic who loves nothing more than sending his clients into the real world to create experiences that will help them learn new skills and build their confidence.

And those exercises are, of course, customized to each clients needs, goals, and circumstances.

As TJ likes to say:

Real change requires real-world experience.

TJ's 3-step coaching process.


Inner work.

In most cases, the first step of progress is to identify any bad habits, fears, or misunderstandings that are holding you back, and to create better insights into the principles and mindsets that will help you move forward.


Practical understanding.

Next you'll learn the techniques, habits, and strategies that will help you influence and interact with the world around you in new and better ways - while still staying true to who you are as a person.


Real-world experience.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, you'll create or seek out real-world situations to practice the techniques and build the habits that will help you create the life and results that you want.

The exploration call.

The first step toward TJ's coaching package, is a free, no-strings-attached, exploration call.

Normally, that is just a fancy way of saying "sales call", but TJ doesn't do things that way. In fact, he insists that people take at least two days to think about whether or not they want to sign up after the call.

That is, if he offers to coach them.

TJ screens his clients carefully by having a free coaching session with them during the exploration call, to make sure of three things:

  1. That his coaching methods are compatible with the client.
  2. That he's confident he can help the client improve.
  3. That the client is prepared to do the work that's necessary, and not just looking for comforting words or a magical quick fix.

“Working with someone who isn't going to reach their goals because they're not willing to put in the necessary work is a waste of both their time and mine.”

The coaching program:

The program includes a 60-minute videocall, once a week for 12 consecutive weeks.

At the end of most sessions, TJ will work with you to create real-world exercises to help you learn the skills or mindsets you need to move closer to your goal.

The following week, you'll explore your experiences from those exercises with TJ, and build on them to continue your progress.

Included is also get access to TJ's online courses on Udemy and email follow-ups both during your program and for as long as you'd like after it.

The total price for the 12 week program is $4900 to be paid up front.

If you're interested in finding out if TJ's coaching is right for you, reach out through the form below.

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