What can communication coaching do for you?

Improve your platonic, romantic, and professional relationships.
Improve your social confidence, self-esteem, and well-being.
Increase your assertiveness, influence, and negotiation skills.
Give you a better understanding of people and communication.
And lots more...
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Your communication influences almost every area of your life.

It helps you create friendships, connect with partners, get and perform jobs, raise children, share ideas and knowledge, be more influential, and so much more.
When you communicate well, most things feel easy and comfortable. Whether it’s going on a date, having a difficult conversation, influencing the people around you, or solving problems.
And communication coaching will help make all of this easier than ever before.

 Not only will it teach you new communication skills and improve your social results drastically. But regular coaching will also help you make the right adjustments whenever things in your life change.

Just like people hire personal trainers and sales coaches to help them succeed with fitness or sales goals – more and more people are turning to communication coaches in order to lift their social results.

My clients use communication coaching to:

Improve their dating life.
Connect better with friends and family.
Create new friendships and social circles.
Improve relationships with colleagues and bosses.
Create better customer relations and/or sales results.
Increase their influence and negotiation skills.
And more...

I’m a different kind of coach.

There are two things that set me apart from most of my colleagues.

I never sign clients that I haven't worked with for free at least once.

And I am a pragmatic coach. I insist on practicing what we talk about in real life, in order to create new and better real-world skills and results.

To achieve this, all my clients go through a three-step process, outlined below.

The 3-step coaching process.


Inner work.

First we identify and remove the bad habits and misunderstandings that are holding you back. We improve your confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, or whichever inner qualities will help you create the results you're after.


Practical understanding.

Next you'll learn the techniques, habits, and strategies that will help you influence and interact with the world around you in new and better ways - while still staying true to who you are as a person.


Real-world experience.

And finally you start building the habits and applying the techniques and strategies to your own life where they'll be most helpful in creating the results you want and the life that you crave.

I am not a
“let’s talk about it”-coach.
I’m a “let’s do it” coach.

"Wait.. you won't sign a client if you haven't worked with them for free first?"

No, I won't.

Since I started coaching full-time in 2009 and till today, one thing has become abundantly clear to me:

Working with people who don't get the results they’re looking for is not just disappointing, but it’s a waste of both their time and mine.

And I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wasting my time - unless it involves ice cream and a bad movie on a Sunday night.

So for many years now I’ve carefully screened all my clients by making sure I have least one free, no-strings attached, coaching session with them before I sign them.

And that is an actual coaching session.

Not a sales call, not an interview, and not some questionnaire that I have a coach-in-training or virtual assistant lead you through.

It is a full-on, no-holds-barred, online coaching session with me.

“Before I sign anyone on as a long-term client, I make sure I have at least one free, no-strings-attached, coaching session with them.”

The free coaching session will let us do three things.

  1. It will help both of us discover whether my style of coaching is a good fit for you.
  2. I'll get to see whether or not I believe I can help you achieve your goals.
  3. And you'll get to see if I'm the person you want holding you accountable, motivated, and inspired to do the work you have ahead of you.

By the end the session, one of two things will have happened: either we’re both excited to work together – or we’re not.

If we’re not, I’ll happily recommend other resources or coaches I believe can help you more than I can.

If we are – we'll get to work!


So reach out through the form below and let's find out!

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