Do I deserve the things I want?

One of the most common, self-esteem limiting, concerns my coaching clients often have, is whether they deserve the things they want. The answer is simple.

Do you feel confident that you deserve everything you want?

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Transcript: How to deserve what you want.

One of the concerns I often find among my clients, is that they worry about whether they “deserve” the life that they want.

And when they ask me about that, I usually do that annoying thing where I answer their question with another question.

So if you ever have thoughts like that, if you ever worry about whether you deserve the life or the things that you want, ask yourself this question: Who decides what you deserve?

Is it me? Is it your parents? Is it a stranger on the street? Is it the people on your tv?

Or is it you?

You decide what you deserve.

When it comes to your life, you are the only one who can decide what you deserve.

There are no universal rules, or requirements, or standards that we have to live up to in order to deserve something. It all comes down to what we believe.

And when our self-esteem is healthy enough that we truly see that we are a valuable and worthwhile person, it becomes easy to decide that we deserve good things.

But we should take this even a step further.

Because if there are no universal or external measurements of what we deserve, then the only thing left to consider is whether we’re able to create the things we want.

And if there is a way to decide what we deserve, that is it.

If you can create it, you deserve it.

After all, that’s how we gauge whether we can do or have everything else in life.

All those things that we haven’t mistakenly believed that there is some sort of external standard for “deserving”.  

We don’t spend any time considering if we deserve to go to the bathroom, or to drink water when we’re thirsty – at least I hope you don’t.

When we have a need or a want that it’s up to us to satisfy, we do what we need to do to satisfy it. And if we’re able to do what’s necessary to get what we want, we happily have it.

Obviously, there’s a big difference between having a glass of water and living the life of your dreams.

But that difference isn’t in your worthiness, or what you deserve. That difference is only in one place: The effort it will take to make it happen.

If you are willing to make the necessary effort - and you make that effort in integrity and based only on your wants, needs, or desires -then you deserve that thing just as much as you deserve to use the bathroom when your bladder is full.

It really is that simple. And any thoughts or people telling you differently are either suffering from bad social programming, or trying to control you.

Either way, blissfully ignoring them will be great for you.

So if this is something that you need to work on, your exercise is simple.

Keep reminding yourself that you deserve anything that you’re willing to put in the needed effort to make happen.

Because if you create it, it is yours. And if you create it, you’ve put in the needed effort to deserve it.

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