Master your subcommunication. [Video] - TJ Guttormsen

Master your subcommunication. [Video]

Subcommunication can give the exact same sentence 7 (or more!) different meanings.

Our subcommunication is the way we say something. And it’s influenced by tonality, emphasis, tempo, volume, body language, and more.

It’s what gives our words meaning. It lets us use things such as irony or sarcasm. We can use it to emphasize what’s important and what’s not. And we often use it to let someone know what the sentence we’re saying really means.

Good subcommunication leads to fewer misunderstandings. Less confusion and uncertainty. And more creativity, connection, and comfort.

Master communicators master their subcommunication. And if you want to increase your communication skills it’s one of the first things you should pay some attention to.

Take a look at this video where I demonstrate how the exact same sentence can mean 7 different things and share how you can start improving your skills.

So know that you know, start paying attention to your own subcommunication. Practice it. Play with it. See how good you can get at expressing yourself in different ways by simply emphasizing different words. By consciously using tempo and tonality. Or by using your body language to change the meaning of your words.

The possibility are endless – so have fun with it!

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– TJ

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