Why a Logical Understanding Isn't Always Enough

Have you ever noticed that although you understand something logically, it just doesn't feel true - or affect how you do or experience things? Let's take a look at why that happens, and how we can help our emotions catch up to our intellect.

"I understand it logically, but it still doesn't feel like it."

At some point or other, I hear this from almost all my clients. They have a logical understanding of something, but they still don't feel right about it.

It can be that they logically understand that there's nothing wrong with talking to a stranger. That there's no reason to take a rejection personally. Or perhaps that it really is a good idea to set boundaries, resolve a conflict, or ask for what they want.

They understand these things logically. But they still feel uncomfortable, scared, nervous, or one or more of those other inhibiting emotions.

Understanding something logically and really feeling it tends to be two different things in many cases. Because while it’s easy for our logical brain to accept something if it makes sense, that doesn’t mean that our subconscious mind will accept it quite as fast or as easily.

An example of this is rejection. While it’s easy to explain to someone why, logically, rejection shouldn’t bother us – in the real world the fear (and pain) is still very much there.

So why does this happen? And how do we fix it?

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