Pricing - TJ Guttormsen


Standard 16 Week Coaching Program - $4,000


  • Weekly coaching calls for 16 weeks
  • Emergency coaching sessions as needed
  • Email & Chat support for life
  • Access to all my online courses
    ($1,100 total value)


Over the 16 weeks your program lasts we will not only explore and eliminate everything that's holding you back from creating the social, romantic, or professional life that you dream of, but we'll designing personal exercises and tasks that will start creating real-life change and new results for you immediately.

In addition to your weekly call, done via video chat, where we talk about what's happened since our last call, what results your exercises have been producing, and start working on the next topic that will move you even closer to your goals - you'll have almost full access to me Monday through Friday. I will be available to you via email and text for small questions and challenges, and if ever anything important comes up unexpectedly we will schedule an extra call - free of charge!

You will also get full access to all my online courses, which will both work as supporting material for the coaching program, and be available to you for the rest of your life to apply to future goals or challenges.

By the end of these 16 weeks you will know me and my methods well enough, that you'll practically be able to coach yourself!

However, I do not sign clients unless we've had at least one free coaching session together first. Use the form below to send me your request, and we'll schedule one as soon as we can.

This is a commitment-free request with no pressure to buy the program. At the end of your session - if you are someone I feel 100% confident I can help reach their goals - I will simply ask if you want to sign up.

What kind of coaching are you interested in?
BothDating & RelationshipsPersonal Communication

Single Session (first) - $0

I do not charge for my first session with anyone for one simple reason: If it only takes an hour of my time to help you solve your challenge, I'm happy to do it for free.

If, however, the challenge turns out to be bigger than that, I would do you a disservice by selling you single sessions. You see, when people buy sessions one at the time, they tend not to be very accountable. Most coaches will tell you that a person who says they'll book another session after working on their challenge for a bit is often never heard from again.

Therefore, since I choose to only work with those who are truly dedicated to changing their lives, I do not sell single sessions.

But if all you are looking for is some guidance, a little feedback, or the solution to a problem you feel confident I might be able to help you with in just one hour, please click the button below and choose a time that works for you.

(If there are no available spots in the calendar that will pop up when you click the button below, I'm sorry to say I've been fully booked. Please feel free to come back and try again in a week or two!)