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Three free things!

As you might’ve already learned from my last Facebook video, I don’t do New Year resolutions. Instead give my year a theme.

This year’s theme is “create”. The theme is meant to guide my decision making as I go through the year, to get me closer to where I want to be both in business and my personal life.

To get myself off to a good start, here are three things right off the bat that I have created for you to enjoy:


  1. The Personal Freedom Project

Freedom is one of my core values and something that I’ve worked tirelessly for the last decade helping my clients achieve more of. To take this work to the next level I’ve decided to put together an online community for anyone looking to increase their personal freedom.

Our focus will be on helping each other get out of our own way, to liberate ourselves from worries, fear of judgment, self-doubt, indecision and all our internal processes that hold us back from living life the way we truly want. I’ve lined up interviews with world famous coaches and experts that I will be doing live in the group.

The first interview will happen this Friday (tomorrow) at 12 pm pst, with the one and only Johnny Soporno, who has been a recognized worldwide expert on these topics for several decades now. So click here to join the group now and catch the interview live, or watch the replay in the group afterward!


  1. Weekly(ish) emails.

Starting this week I’ll once again be creating weekly emails for my mailing list and this blog. The emails will be articles, videos, helpful links or simply interesting content that is meant to help you take further steps towards complete personal freedom.


  1. Social media content.

As you probably know, my Facebook page has been going strong, with over 20 000 followers and incredible engagement over the last few months after I cleaned the page and started producing fresh content.

But did you know that I’ve also recently launched an Instagram page? Head over to @tjguttormsen or click here and give me a follow for great content straight into your IG feed!


That’s it for now, let me know what you think of these, and I’ll be back with another helpful email for you next week!



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