How something new can boost results. [Video] - TJ Guttormsen

How something new can boost results. [Video]

When something new boosts results, it’s called “the novelty effect” in psychology.

And this is an effect we can create whenever we want. We can create it for ourselves and for the people around us in both personal and professional situations.

Anything new which is meant to be helpful can create this effect. But, of course, some things work better than others.

So sn this video, I go a little deeper into what kind of something new we should aim for. I explain what the novelty effect is in more detail, and how it’s used in the world around us.

Personally I use this effect every time I create a new course, work on a new project, or anything else that’s important for me to do well.

Check it out if you want to give your productivity a little boost.

So when was the last time you got something new to help you with your goals? And what was it?

Maybe it’s time to think about what you can get for yourself to help you move forward on the goals you struggle most with? In many cases that’s all we need to build enough motivation to get the ball rolling.

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