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Sexual mastery coach Alex May. [Video]

Alex May teaches sexual mastery.

He was born in the Soviet Union, a place where pretty much everything that had to do with sex was banned. His desire to learn and master the act, though, was so great that even the Soviet government couldn’t stop him. His story is an interesting one, so check it out in this interview!

Alex May has taught sexual mastery to thousands of men and women all around Europe and in the US. He is an expert both at what he teach, and what he does (or so I’ve been told by a couple of women I know), and is well worth listening to.

His determined and straight-forward persona and style of communication is a breath of fresh air in a world where most people talk very carefully about sex.

In our talk, we discuss:

  • Alex’s journey into sexual mastery in the Soviet Union.
  • What sexual mastery really is, and what men need to do to get it.
  • What Alex teaches women, and why the psychology of sex is a key element to learn.
  • How couples can start to understand each other differences better.
  • How you can be sure that you’re really a good lover.
  • A few things you have to know about sex.
  • How some people “give up on sex”.
  • Why more women than men come to Alex’s seminars.
  • How women can communicate their sexual desires, without challenging the male ego.

Check out Alex’s website here, and more interviews here.

– TJ

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