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Let's level up your organization's communication!

Let's be honest about seminars.

While their focus should be to educate and improve the organization - most of the attendees are just hoping it won't be too boring. And I know because I've spent more than my share of time sitting in that audience.

That's why I've spent the last decade of my career working to make sure that my seminars are not just educational, but also fun and exciting.

My goal is to not just help the organization improve. I also want to ensure that my seminar is a positive and entertaining experience for the audience.

I achieve this by focusing on humor and audience engagement. These are two of the most effective ways to solidify long-term learning. And few things are better than the feeling like time is flying while we're learning.

My seminars will stand out from what you're used to. And more importantly, the results will be significant.

How can I be so confident about this?

It's simple. More than anything I listen to what my audience thinks. In fact, over the years I've done surveys with thousands of people across the world who have participated in my courses, and the lowest average score I've ever received is 4.6 out of 5!

I'd say that earns me the right to feel confident about my work, wouldn't you?

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For over a decade now I've helped people across the world improve their communication and social confidence.

Over 10 000 people from more than 130 countries have taken my courses, trainings, and coaching. And I'm also a multiple times published author, with well over 100 national media appearances in my home country of Norway.

I hold a double-major bachelor's degree in psychology and social sciences, a teacher's degree in psychology, and a master's degree in pedagogy - which is the science of teaching.

I have dedicated my life to understanding and helping people create the life and results they desire through excellent communication. And you'll be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated coach and speaker anywhere.

A few former clients:

Elisabeth Diana Aashagen President of JCI Evolution

"TJ Guttormsen is a knowledgable and engaging speaker. Everyone at our conference had a positive experience of the weekend.

They felt that the tools they learned from this course would make it easier to master several challenges in their every-day life.

We warmly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker."

Linn Emilie Schäffer
Project manager, Start Norwegian University of Science and Technology

"TJ presented his topic in a fun and engaging way. Our audience identified with many of his scenarios, and the end result was an easy-going and nice experience.

The feedback we've received from our attendees after the seminar have been incredibly positive. Many stated that TJ Guttormsen was a positive surprise at our event, and that the seminar was educational and inspiring.

We are very happy with TJ's contribution to ensuring a professional image for our event, and strongly recommend TJ Guttormsen as a speaker!"

Andreas Ursin Hellebust
JCI International

"We hired TJ for our conference in Junior Chamber International in Trondheim in May 2013.

He’s a very motivating speaker, and makes sure all his theories are tried in practice. We got to try some new, as well as refresh some old tools for getting our career goals on the right path. Involving and inspiring. I highly recommend TJ as a speaker and coach, and wish him good luck in the future."

Lillian Rydning
Cognitive psychologist

"TJ Guttormsen is an authority in his field. He is very knowledgable and bases his teachings on documented and effective strategies, which sets him apart from most coaches out there.

And he has a unique ability to teach in an engaging way. I warmly recommend his services."

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