How I like to scare my girlfriends - and what it means. [Video] - TJ Guttormsen

How I like to scare my girlfriends – and what it means. [Video]

I love to scare people. And it’s not (just) because I’m mean. It’s also a helpful way to exemplify how strange fear is.

Today I wanted to point you to an excerpt from a talk I did at a conference a little while back.

The conference was for men who wanted to improve their relationships with women. And I had been asked to talk about the fear that many experiences when it comes to initiating conversations.

While it’s always tempting to get into topics such as rejection or courage, I decided to go a different route.

So in this part of the talk, I share the story of how I scare my friends. It’s an example that shows how fear comes only from our own minds. How we are the ones that make things hard on ourselves – not the world around us.

In the video, I’ll also help you reframe fear from something that stops you to something that won’t get in your way anymore. If you’re willing to conquer it, that is.

Take a look at the video below.

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-TJ Guttormsen

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