How I like to scare my girlfriends - and what it means. [Video] - TJ Guttormsen

How I like to scare my girlfriends – and what it means. [Video]

I love to scare people.

And it’s not (just) because I’m mean. It’s also because I’m fascinated by the psychology of irrational fears and I like to play with it.

Below is a video from a talk I did at a conference several years ago.

The conference was for men who wanted to improve their relationships with women. And I had been asked to talk about the fear that many experiences when it comes to initiating conversations.

So I decided to tell them about how like I scare my friends with a simple text message. A message that makes most of them immediately worried about something they know is completely irrational.

This example helped the men at this conference to move forward more boldly. They could use what they learned here to not remove their own fears – but be able to act despite of them.

And that’s what I want you to do too. I want you to recognize which of your fears are irrational. Made-up. Simply not true.

And then I want you to recognize that you don’t need for the feeling of fear to go away, in order to be able to do what you should be doing.

Thi will help you reframe fear from something that stops you, to something that won’t get in your way anymore.

And, of course, you can feel free to use my little trick to scare your friends any time you feel like it 😉

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-TJ Guttormsen

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