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Say yes to adventure!

Adventure time!

As I write this I’m sitting in my hotel room at the Yoo2 hotel in Rio de Janeiro.

Next to me is my wife, also on her laptop. We just got back from having a nice burrito lunch and getting some snacks for our room from a nearby market, and now it’s time to work for a bit.

Because although we’re in Rio to take part in the magic that is Carnival, we also both work full-time jobs. And even though we’ve taken time off from work this week – we still have things that simply have to be done. So we do them.

Once our laptops are sufficiently charged our plan is to go upstairs to the rooftop bar of our hotel, which has an amazing view of the Botafogo beach, and finish our work there. After which we’ll shower, change, go out for dinner, and then hit up the carnival festivities.


So what’s my point?

Well, I’m a strong believer in the phrase created by Stephen King, “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

I truly believe that it is important for us humans to feel like we’re doing something productive with our lives – but I am also convinced that we need play, adventure, and novelty to really thrive.

My wife’s personal motto is “say yes to adventure”, and my theme for my birthday year is “adventure”. And so when she wanted to go to Brazil and we had both the money and the vacation time to do so – it was a no brainer.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In about six weeks we’re going to Mexico. A few weeks after that we might go to a festival in California. Then to Burning Man in August. We also have plans to visit a fox sanctuary in San Diego. There will probably be a trip to Norway at some point. And potentially the Maldives towards the end of the year.

And these are just the things we’ve discussed so far – odds are that there will be more trips. Cause there always is.

You see, to us travel is a great way to play and a great way to have more adventures, to experience novelty and to not become Jack.


But of course, all this doesn’t just happen on its own.

I grew up in a middle-class family. We were comfortable but mostly living hand to mouth. My wife grew up with less than that. There was nothing that suggested when we were younger that we’d be living this kind of adventure and travel lifestyle.

But we work hard to have the time and money to do this. And we prioritize travel and adventure over material things and comfort. Adventure, novelty, experiences – these are our priorities.

Now yours doesn’t have to be travel. It can be anything. But it has to be something, and it has to be something you create for yourself.

So what is it that makes your life exciting? What creates the kind of experiences you want? And are you making these things a priority in your life, or are you simply hoping to luck into them?

You see, most of my clients who complain about life not being exciting enough get this all wrong. They think that the fun comes down the road. Or that the excitement will magically happen once they’ve gotten/achieved/discovered something outside of themselves.

But the truth is that this all comes from inside of you. It comes from the choices and priorities you make.

So what are you making your priority?

Are you making the choices that will let you live the life that you want now – or are you waiting for that life to fall in your lap sometime in the future?

Because although you might not be able to do everything you dream of right now – you can definitely do enough of it to make life interesting.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been both broke and mostly unemployed several times myself – but I’ve never been a dull boy. I’ve never lived by the idea that “someday life will be fun”.

“Someday” doesn’t exist. Life happens today.

What will today look like for you?

– TJ

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