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Instant implementation – your new superpower.

When instant implementation is lacking.

How many times have you meant to do something, but never really gotten around to it?

Can you think of any examples? Perhaps it was to learn a new skill, sign up for a course or a class, watch a seminar, read a book, get a gym membership, call your grandma…

You think about it, it seems like a great idea, it seems like something you really want to do and like something that will be a positive experience. For you. And for your loved ones. And maybe even the world 😉

But not right now, of course!

Right now you’re too busy. Or too tired. Or you have so much else going on that you figure it’s best to wait until you can give it your full attention.

And then your excitement starts to fade. Maybe you even completely forget about it.

This is something that happens to everybody. And the reason it happens is very simple: Enthusiasm has a short half-life.

In better words, our enthusiasm for something tends to be the highest when we first think of it. Because when we first realize that it’s a good idea, it is a new idea. It’s novel. Exciting.

The second, third, fourth, fifth time we think about it the idea might be just as good – but it’s not new and exciting anymore. So our enthusiasm fades and suddenly we don’t want to do it as much anymore.

Not because we shouldn’t do it. If the idea was a good one when you first thought about it it’s still just as good today. We only stop wanting to do it because it’s not new anymore. And new is important to our animal brain.

And this is one of the main reasons so many get stuck in a routine, day after day, month after month, year after year.


The solution

So how do we fix it? How do we avoid getting stuck in a rut? How do we make sure that we actually ACT on our good ideas and take advantage of our reasoning and intelligence when it tries to help us out?

By practicing instant implementation.

You see, it’s FAR better to act on these ideas when the timing isn’t perfect than to not act on them at all.

So even if your schedule is busy, your energy is low, your life is chaotic – taking the first step towards your idea immediately when you have it is going to get you A LOT more than waiting until it’s “a better time”.

Sure, sometimes you will start something when the timing is so bad that you can’t finish it. But even if you just got 10% through it, that’s 10% more than you would’ve if you hadn’t started.

AND we humans also have a clear tendency to return to unfinished projects (that we’re optimistic about) more easily and more often than we start new projects that we’re not enthusiastic about anymore.

So what are you postponing? What is something that you’ve thought “I’ll do/get it later” about recently?

Tell yourself, “f*ck it!” and get started NOW. Get the ball rolling immediately. Before you take a nap, before you go to the bathroom, before you eat your food. Now.

I guarantee it will take you further than waiting another day, week, or month.

Get the thing. Do the thing. Be the thing.

Someday doesn’t exist. It’s today that matters.

Make instant implementation your new superpower.


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