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How to work on social skills at home.

Do you work on your social skills when you’re alone?

You see, while having actual conversations with actual people is how we implement what we’ve learned – we can work on a lot of habits and individual skills by simply repeating them over and over again on our own.

Let me give you an example.

I used to mumble. A lot.

In any social situation where I didn’t feel confident or in control, I would speak quietly and often with no clarity to my words.

When I decided that I wanted to improve my social skills to the point where I would even be able to strike up conversations with strangers if I wanted to – my mumbling was one of the first things that had to go.

And I didn’t just practice it in conversations with others – I practiced it at home by talking to myself and making sure I spoke loudly and clearly enough.

I would often just say out loud what I was doing while I was doing it. Or I would read out loud. Or have fictitious conversations out loud. All the while focusing on speaking loudly and clearly.

Sometimes I’d even record it so I could listen to it and make sure I was speaking clearly and loudly enough.

In no time my voice gained more power, and I gained more control over it. My mumbling went away, and people no longer had any trouble hearing me.


Here are a few things we can work on:

  • Creativity, by giving our self small challenges like telling stories out loud based on the next word we read.
  • Body language. By making sure that we’re walking and sitting with a straight back. That we move with our head held high, and other such things.
  • Self-discipline. By keeping our place clean. Doing all the boring little chores. Getting down on the floor to do some home work-outs. And any other such things that we often think we should do but don’t follow through on.
  • Storytelling skills. By recording ourselves while telling a story and practicing the elements of storytelling that we want to be better at.
  • And we can, of course, also work on our knowledge and understanding of topics that are important to us by reading books, taking online courses, and similar.
  • And so on…

To come up with something you can work on from the comfort of your own home, make a little list of habits or skills you want to improve. Then think of anything you can do to practice those on your own.

And if you have trouble coming up with ways to work on that list, feel free to email me and let me know which skills you want to work on and I’ll get back to you with some suggestions.

(Seriously. I’m quarantined at home, basically all my coaching clients are on pause because of the coronavirus. So the only thing I’m working on right now is my upcoming assertiveness course – which means I have lots of time to answer emails these days!)

So, what are you going to work on once you finish reading this article?



PS: If you want to work on skills related to communication & social confidence or how to create new friendships and better social circles, I recommend you check out my courses – of course 😉

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