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Free Coaching

Why do I offer free coaching?

I've offered one free coaching session every week for a few years now.

The weekly free coaching session is up for grabs for whoever gets there first. As long as they haven't already had one, of course.

Why do I do this?

Well, throughout my life and my career, nothing has helped me more than coaching.

From the very first session I had with my first coach in 2007, to the weekly conversations I still have with my coaches today, my results and productivity have increased steadily.

But getting coaching can be a big step for some. And not everyone has the money or the confidence in coaching to pay for it. And I completely understand that. I'm a high-end coach, and I know that I have not been able to pay for high-end coaching more than once in my life.

Lucky for me, though, when I have been unable to pay for such coaching somehow I've still often had the luxury of getting free coaching from some of the world's greatest coaches. Part of being passionate about this job is that we truly want to help.

So now - after a decade's worth of experience as a coach - I want to pay that luxury forward.

That's why I'm offering a limited amount of free coaching sessions to anyone who has not already been coached by me.

There are no strings attached. No sales pitch. No expectations. And no requirements - other than that you show up for the session on time, and that you are ready to go deep into the things that are holding you back from creating the life that you want.

Sign up.

To sign up, click the big green button below to see if there are any free sessions left.

If there aren't any open dates, my next few weeks have already been booked and you'll have to check back in a month or so.

(Or you can book a paid first-time session for only $20 by clicking here. There should not be much of a wait for those.)