One of my favorite conversational techniques. [Video] - TJ Guttormsen

One of my favorite conversational techniques. [Video]

You might have noticed that there are thousands of different conversational techniques out there, and even more popular topics to talk about.

But there is one conversational technique that stands out above most others. It’s one that taps directly into everyone’s favorite topic. Themselves.

Now some people object and say “I hate talking about myself”. But I always challenge them on that.

You see, those who say they hate talking about themselves are usually just not used to getting the opportunity to talk about themselves to someone who is truly, genuinely, interested in learning about them.

People always get carried away and have a great conversation with me as soon as we found something about them that I was genuinely interested in hearing about. And that they enjoy talking about, of course.

So let me help you figure out what you are genuinely interested in learning about others, and show you how to become a master at creating these conversations.

Ok. You’ve watched the video. Now, what are you genuinely interested in learning about others?

Is there a difference between what you’d like to know, depending on who they are? Does your list for potential partners look different than for potential friends? Is it different for family members than others? How about professional relationships?

It might seem like a lot to work through. But your conversations will flow much more easily once you get a clear idea of these topics.

Want to learn more conversational techniques? There are plenty both in my confidence course and my assertiveness course 😉

– TJ

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