Make Committed Decisions to create big results. [Video] - TJ Guttormsen

Make Committed Decisions to create big results. [Video]

As I’m sure you’ll agree, making decisions is a necessary step towards getting what we want.

We have to make decisions every day. On who we want to be. What we want. How we want it. What we’re going to do to get it. When we’re going to do it. And so on.

But many people make decisions that are simply too weak to have any real effect. So how can we make sure that our decision is strong enough?

One of the key aspects of that is commitment. And the commitments we make to ourselves might be the most important ones we ever make.

In this video, I discuss all of these things and a few more. Click play to see what my 11+ years as a coach has taught me.

And once we’ve done this, we have to stand for our decision. We have to be confident in our choice. And we have to be assertive when communicating it to others.

Because while all our decisions are personal Рmany do affect others. We will sometimes challenge others. Sometimes inspire them. Other times confuse them. And while we never have to justify when we make decisions that are right for us, it does help to be able to communicate well about them.

– TJ

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