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Booking & Prices

Single Coaching Sessions

1st session: $20
2nd session: $199
3rd+ session: $299

Your first coaching session is only $20, for a very simple reason. If it only takes an hour of my time to help you solve your challenge, I'd be happy to do it for free. But since too many people simply don't show up for free sessions, I'm charging a few bucks to make sure you do.

If you need more help than that, there are options. I am temporarily offering single coaching sessions at the prices outlined above. This will be available for as long as the pandemic lasts, since I understand that some simply can't afford a full coaching program at this time.

After you've booked your session you'll receive a confirmation email. Then, 3 hours before your scheduled time, you'll get a reminder email with a link to join the Zoom meeting room that we'll do our session in.

The 16 Week Coaching Program - $4,000


  • Weekly coaching calls for 16 weeks
  • Emergency coaching sessions as needed
  • Email & Chat support for life
  • Access to all my online courses
    ($1,100+ total value)


These are 16 intensive weeks. We will not just explore and eliminate everything that's holding you back from creating the life you want. Whether it's about relationships or communication skills. But we'll also design personal exercises and tasks that will start creating real-life change and new results for you immediately.

The core of the program is your weekly call which we do via video chat. On the call, we'll talk about what's happened over the last week. We'll talk about the results your exercises have been producing. What your next steps are. And we'll start working on the things that will move you further towards your goals.

In addition to these calls, you'll have almost unlimited access to me Monday through Friday. I will be available to you via email and text to help with questions and issues. And if anything urgent comes up unexpectedly we'll schedule an extra call - free of charge.

You will also get access to all my online courses. They will both work as supporting material for the coaching program, and be available to you for the rest of your life so you can apply them to future goals or challenges.

By the end of these 16 weeks, you will know me and my methods well enough that you'll practically be able to coach yourself.

However, I do not sign clients unless we've had at least one free coaching session together first. Use the form below to send me your request, and we'll schedule one as soon as we can.

This is a commitment-free session with no pressure to buy the program. At the end of our coaching call - if you are someone I feel 100% confident I can help reach their goals - I will simply ask if you want to sign up.

What kind of coaching are you interested in?
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