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Did you know that every now and then I give away free, no-strings-attached, coaching sessions? Let me tell you why, and how you can book yours.

Did you know that every now and then I give away free coaching calls?

And I’m not talking about the calls I do to explore whether or not I’m the right long-term coach for someone.

These free coaching sessions I give out regardless of whether someone is interested in long-term coaching or not.

The only requirements are that I haven’t done a free session with you already and that you are able to do a Skype video call.

Why do I give away free coaching?

It’s simple. I started getting coaching back in 2006. Between then and now there have been many times when I either couldn’t really afford coaching or when what I needed help with could be easily solved in one session by someone skilled.

And thanks to the network I had been building for myself, there was almost always someone around who’d help me for free.

So now that I’m in a position to do the same for someone else, I will.

I love what I do. And if all it takes is an hour or so of my time to improve someone else’s life – I’m more than happy to donate that hour.

So if you haven’t had a free coaching session with me yet – this is for you.

How to book your free coaching call.

Booking a free call is easy.

Just click the button below and see what’s available in my schedule.

If there is nothing available right now, please check back in a week or two. And if there is – go ahead and book whatever fits you best.

Once you’ve booked you’ll receive an automated email with instructions to confirm your booking. It’ll also contain the details you’ll need for how we do the coaching.

And please, remember to do what it says in that email to confirm your booking. If you don’t, you’ll be automatically deleted from my calendar and you’ll lose the session.

So go ahead and book now, and we’ll talk soon!

Hi, I'm TJ Guttormsen.

Since 2009 I’ve coached clients ranging from Olympic gold medalists and billionaires, to people who simply want more out life.

I’ve done over 100 national media appearances, published books, and created online courses that have earned several “Highest Rated” titles from their 11 000+ members.

Today I coach clients from all over the world, and teach seminars for business and events from my home in Las Vegas.

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