The only way to become more comfortable and confident. - TJ Guttormsen

The only way to become more comfortable and confident.

Do you want the secret to becoming more comfortable?

Accept the thoughts and feelings that are holding you back – rather than wait for them to go away.

Most people believe that first, they have to experience less of the thing that’s holding them back (fear, superego, stress) – and then they’ll be able to do what they want to do.

And while that might sound logical enough on the surface of it – it is not how our brain works.

The truth is that you’ll never become less scared, nervous, stressed, or filled with superego thinking unless you’re willing to experience fear, nerves, stress, and your superego.

The mind, generally speaking, doesn’t magically change years of bad programming in an instant without having actual new experiences. We have to live through our obstacles to overcome them.

But there is something it can do in an instant. It can choose to accept these sabotaging feelings and do it anyway.

That’s what high-performers do. That’s what those who make fast and lasting progress do.

They don’t wait for and dream of the day they no longer feel uncomfortable doing what they want to do – they expect to feel uncomfortable, accept that they will, and then they go do it anyway.

Because here is the dirty little truth: You won’t become comfortable until you no longer care that you’re uncomfortable.

Only when you are happy to go do what you want to do even when you feel uncomfortable, will that discomfort start to go away.

And this is why all my courses and my coaching are filled with practical exercises that will help you challenge yourself over and over again.


Mind like body.

If I told you that you could get into excellent physical shape without having to make yourself tired for even one second, would you believe me?

Probably not.

Because to get in better physical shape we have to make ourselves physically tired over and over again. We have to exercise our body.

And the same goes for our mind. To make it stronger, more resilient, more confident – we have to challenge it.

And the only real, reliable way to become comfortable with something that challenges you, is to accept the discomfort and do it anyway.

So, let’s all stop trying to become comfortable, confident, and relaxed first – and then do what we want to do. Instead, let’s do what we want to do despite feeling uncomfortable. Let’s live in our Growth Zone. That’s when growth will come, and it will come fast.

– TJ

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